Suburban Secret

This shoot was inspired by two young girls I saw walking home from school. Using oversized coats, patterned collars, knitted jumpers and untucked shirts, Rosie and I created different adaptations on the school uniform. Shot on the street I used to live on.

Photography - Madi Browne

Styling - Rosie Bertuello

Hair & Make-up - Christina Huntley and Amie Turnbull

Models - Cami and Maggie @ Leni’s Model Management

Strike a Match

We paired items of clothing with the same patterns for this shoot, in order to create a really strong, colourful visual, to stand out against the dull colours of the location. I chose for the model to look very doll like, with Balenciaga style poses, to give it an eery feel. Shot in Chauldon Village Hall.

Photography - Madi Browne

Styling - Rosie Bertuello

Hair & Make-up - Enya Sullivan

Model - Christina @ Leni’s Model Management

The Cold Light of Day

Using denim, vests and braces, I created a variety of lumberjack looks, to coincide with the location. As I don’t have a lot of experience working with male models, I decide to get some practice, and I’m really happy with the outcome. 

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Model - Elliott Dinnage @ Model Mayhem


Due to the amount of band t-shirts that I own, I decided to set up this shoot in order to create some gig inspired outfits centered around them.  

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Model - Anna Howard

Assistant - Katriona Manning

Now I Dance Alone

I wanted this shoot to create a feeling of ‘the morning after prom,’ but one that hasn’t gone so well. I used thick black eye make-up that was slightly smudged, to give a ‘slept in’ look, as well as a mens blazer over the top of a prom like dress, and bare feet.

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Model - Lizzy Vartanian

I’m with the Skater Boy

Being an ex-skater myself, I’ve been wanting to do a skater girl shoot for a long time, and finally got round to it! Hats being a staple piece throughout, I created grunge style skater looks. Shot in Reigate Skate Park.

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Hair & Make-up / Model - Amie Turnbull

Ready, Set, Swim!

This shoot was for my final project in year 2 of uni. I used swim and sports wear to create an athletic look, but used water in the form of baths and showers, rather than a pool.

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Model - Jordan Davis @ Storm Models

Keep Your Eyes Open

Styling was a key aspect with this shoot. I combined typical sports gear, with black, slightly gothic clothing, jewellery and boots, to create a different look. I shot in my sisters bedroom which was being redecorated, so the walls had been stripped, leaving a broken down feel.

Photography and Styling - Madi Browne

Hair and Make-up - Enya Sullivan

Model - Emily Parker

Oil and Water

This shoot was inspired by waters inability to mix with oil, and the colours they create when they join. It was part of a group narrative project in my second year of uni.

Photography - Madi Browne and Hannah Spencer.

Styling - Rosie Bertuello and Emily Grimes

Photography Assistants - Jessica Gates and Claire Gerrard

Model - Kara Rose Marshall @ Premier Model Management